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Ulu Muda and Pedu Lake Forest Reserve

Peninsula Malaysia



The Ulu Muda Nature Reserve is located in the state of Kedah in northern Peninsular Malaysia. Ulu Muda was established as a forest reserve in 1932. This Reserve is quite remote and a visit to Ulu Muda entails meticulous planning as there are permits to be applied from the Kedah State Forestry Department and transportation and authorized guides to be arranged. Visitors must ensure that they are mentally and physically fit, as the Forest Reserve is still quite untouched hence making it impermeable at times. Pedu Lake are 30 km north from Ulu muda forest reserve, which is a great place for relaxing and water activities.



Flora and Fauna


The Ulu Muda Nature Reserve encompasses two major catchments areas bordering Thailand. This unique geographical position is an attraction to the wildlife which moves along the jungles of Thailand and Malaysia.


There are an impressive number of mammals in the Reserve; scientists have identified 109 species of mammals which are about 50% of the total count in Peninsular Malaysia. This including endangered species like tiger, Malayan Sun Bear, Sumatran rhinoceroses, tapirs, flying lemurs and gaur. There are 110 species of birds in the Reserve including endangered Malay peacock pheasant and great argus pheasant. Ulu muda forest reserve also a home to numerous other species of insects, birds, monkeys and reptiles; as well as 47 endemic tree species. Ulu Muda also act as heaven for Agile gibbon, there are normally stay at the canopy as high as 20m from ground, a tiny black furry creature with incredible long arms.


The flora in the Ulu Muda Nature Reserve is quite exclusive because of its geographical position. It is this position which affects the climate which is cooler in the North (Thailand) and hotter in the South allowing exotic and unique plants to thrive in the Reserve.



Place of interest


Trekking in the humid tropical rainforest is a must for every visitor to the Reserve. Local guides are experts of the jungle trail system and know the plant and animal and will not hesitate to point them out.


There are about 10 hot springs in Ulu Muda forest reserve. Sira Hangat hot spring are regularly visit by tourist. Visitors will be able to feast their eyes on different species of animals from the mighty elephant to the shy and elusive tapirs. Some of the largest salt licks in Malaysia can be found in Ulu Muda Nature Forest Reserve. Large mammals come from afar to these salt licks therefore making them very strategic places for animal-spotting. Besides trekking, you can fish in the rivers too.


Another major activity not to be missed is bird-watching. During a scientific survey which ran for 5 days, 132 species of birds were found in the Reserve. Among the birds found were the Hornbills, Straw-headed Bulbul and Hooded Pita.



Getting there and away


By Car

Go overland via PLUS North-South Highway, towards Thailand. Take the exit at Gurun and go along the trunk road to Gulau (TRK10). Keep going north to Gulau and then head towards Pengkalan Kampung Gubir at the Muda lake jetty. It’s approximately 2 hours drive from Alor Star, Kedah. From jetty, there was three hours boat ride to the Labuh campsite at the Forest reserve.


Alternative, lots of people choose to stay at the nearest luxury accommodation in Pedu Lake which is nearby, then make a day trip to Ulu Muda or you can arrange to stay at the Pedu lake resort after the camping trip in Ulu Muda forest reserve. For Pedu Lake, continue north for another 30 km.


By air

Take flight to Alor Star (Kepala Batas). From airport you can hire taxis take you to Pedu Lake. Check flight schedule on Malaysia Airlines on www.malaysiaairlines.com


By train

Take the KL Sentral – Ipoh – Butterworth - Hat Yai line to Sg.Petani operated by KTM. www.ktmb.com.my


By bus

There are numbers of bus company have transfer from Kuala Lumpur to Sg Petani

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