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Gua Batu Maloi Cave, Johol, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

Peninsula Malaysia

Batu Maloi Cave- Unique Adventure Caving
This challenging arena is just waiting to be discovered by 
adventure seekers, it’s 2hr drive from Kuala Lumpur or 
thirty-five minutes from Tampin. 
Thrill seekers, Take note! There is a place for you to check 
out if you are into adventure and extreme outdoor activities.
Trekking through the Mount Tampin Forest Reserve track, observe 
the beauty of nature; wild shrubs growing in abundance, fallen 
logs and branches green with moss, the warmth of the sun 
filtering through the tall branches overhead, dried leaves and 
flowers scattered on the forest floor -- the combination form 
a captivating picture usually found only in books and magazines. 
This lush rainforest with all its treasures is house to 
Batu Maloi Cave. 
Your adventure to Gua Batu Maloi will begin way before you reach 
the cave system. Starting from Mount Tampin Forest Reserve, 
you must trek to the cave. However, tough as the trail may be, 
rest assured that you would be rewarded along the way by the 
startlingly beautiful foliage, the captivating greenery of the 
rich rainforest that holds the cave in its embrace.
This cave, formed beneath the masses of large rocks is one 
kilometer in length. A clear shallow stream lazily makes its 
way around the stones and boulders that make up the cave floor. 
The challenge of exploring this amazing granite cave will 
surely charm and enrich your experiences. The narrow and winding 
passage into the cave can prove to be quite perilous, especially
in the dark.
One kilometer in length, the cave system has a stream that 
snakes across the stones and boulders of the floor while the 
chamber itself is fascinating to explore.
It's a very interesting Granite Cave formation; the river is 
actually making this formation happen from millions of years of 
water flow. It's not any kind linked to limestone cave 
formations!! Big rocks block each other along the “trails” 
with dim sunlight breaking through in some places, forming a 
“ray of light” to pierce the darkness.
You can imagine a dark cave with lots of bats whizzing past and 
chilling water running above your body!! You need to squeeze and 
cram through small gaps and holes, and sometime submerge through 
holes in the cave to make your way through, making this one of 
the most fun-filled caving activities available. This is what 
makes that experience really fun!
Still, would-be explorers are advised not to go in without a 
guide especially because water levels in the cave have been 
known to rise extremely fast after heavy downpours, leading to 
unwitting explorers being trapped inside.
Thus, it is advisable for you to explore the cave in groups of
at least three with an experienced guide. It may be suitable for 
beginners to try out the easy route and the more experienced 
ones can try out the more difficult once.
Risks aside, the 2-4 hours Batu Maloi Cave exploration trip 
offers a challenging and memorable experience for those who 
dare to enter. 

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1) How long it take from kuala Lumpur/Petaling Jaya/Klang to that place and what time to meet?
>> Driving is about 2 hrs down south near Negari Sembilan and Melaka border.. Usually we will meet at Rembau/Pedas/Linggi TOLL exit. Yes, drive along the PLUS highway. usually meet at about 8:30 - 9:00am and please have your breakfast before that.

2) We need to drive our own
>> Yes, you have to drive your own, however if you need a Van, we can arrange one which is 14 seated for RM500-RM550 per van (advanced booking and payment is needed).

3) Thing to bring and wear
>> Headlight/torchlight, changing clot, good pair of shoe (you can purchase those rubber shoe), towel.

4) Do you have a place that we can change clot?
>> Wear your ready clot for the caving before arrival, and we will provide a place for you to change.

5) How long the it take in the cave?
>> It will be about 2-4 hrs for this cave activity.

6) Is that dangerous if we are not the swimmer
>> You do not need to be swimmer.. just need to be present and enjoy the challenge, Not recommended to children 12 year and below.


7) Do we need to bring day beg inside the cave?

>> Yes, you can.. but it gonna be wet all day long. As if you need to drink water, just bring a bottle of small 500ml bottle and share the beg.


8) Can we bring camera?

>> YES and NO, this is wet cave (Very wet), if you have a waterproof camera then it's most welcome, if it's not a waterproof one, please warranty yourself.. we are not responsible.


9) What is the group size that you take?

>> 8-15 people is ideal.

10) how to register
>> We need your below,
Full Name:
IC number
Home Address:
Phone number:
Email (if you have one):
Next Of kin and contacts:



















































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