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Lampir Hill National Park

Peninsula Malaysia

Introduction and History

The Lampir Hill National Park is located along the Miri-Bintulu road, about 30km south of Miri Town.  With area about 6,952 hectares, it was gazetted and opened to public on 1975.  The park is consists of the central portion of the Lambir Hills, a rugged east-west trending sandstone escarpment with a maximum height of 465 meters, has an outstanding regional and global conservation significance for its extraordinary species-rich forest which is ideal for botanist and researchers throughout the world.


Flora and Fauna

1,050 different species of tree out of 7,000 total species and over 1,000 species of insect life are found within the small sample area of 52ha. The park covered with more than half of the area with rich natural mixed Dipterocarp forest, where huge, tall Dipterocarp trees such as Kapur, Meranti, Kempas and Selangan Batu.  Shorter trees like Rhu Bukit, Selunsur Bukit, low shrubs, pitcher plants and orchids are found in the Kerangas forest.  Apart from the various tree species, the park is very rich in other plant species such as ferns, gingers, vines, palms, mushrooms, moss and lichen, flowering and fruiting shrub trees, climbers and creepers.  The fungi of Lampir hill are numerous and remarkable, this including the phosphorescent (illuminate) species that glows in the dark.

Animals like bats, monkeys, pangolins and barking deer are those found as well and more than 150 species of birds have been recorded.


Attraction and activities

Waterfall series

You can find series of small waterfalls along the Sg. Liam.  The first, second and third Latak waterfall are just 30 minutes away from the Park office.  You will find an oil well very close to the second waterfall.  The easy ways to access to these falls are Pantu and Nibong waterfall along the Pantu trail and the Pancur, Tengkorong and Dinding waterfall along the Bakam trail.

The Latak waterfall is about 25 meters high and plunges sheer into a large deep pool with a broad sandy poolside.  It is indeed very popular among visitors as it offers pleasant spot for swimming, sunbathing and picnicking not to mention there is Pantu fall, which is also excellent for swimming.

The Tree Tower

The tree tower, which stands up 22 meters tall, is an ideal place to have a close up view of the pullulating life of the rainforest canopy and bird watching.  It is just about one hour trek from the park HQ along Pantu trail.

Trail System

The trail system is categorized as primary, secondary and tertiary trails.  There are four primary trails, which consist of Main, Pantu, Lepoh-Ridan and Bakam.  The seven secondary trails are Latak, Nibong, Bukit Pantu, Pantu Waterfall, Summit, Tengkorong and Pancur where else the Dinding trail is the only tertiary train in the Park.

These trails are constructed for visitors to explore the forests, hills, valleys and waterfalls. They are well marked and no guide is required.  However, if you are taking the Summit trail, which leads you to Lambir’s Summit (465 meters), you will require to hire a guide.  This trail is usually for adventurous hikers.  As you wander the park’s forest trails, you will see the wildlife.

Getting there and away

You can access the park easily by private transport, buses and taxis, which are connected to the Miri-Bintulu road, 30km away from Miri town.  From there, you can get into local buses from Miri, which will take you to Batu Niah, Bintulu, Tinjar, Bakong or Bekenu bazaars.  Short day trips to the park are possible.

Lambir Hills National Park Contact Number:

Tel No: 085-491030 Fax No: 085-491030

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