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Sarawak Cultural Village
Duration: 4 hours

Popularly known as the ‘Living Museum’, the Village is a showcase of a kaleidoscope of Sarawak’s cultures and traditions. On arrival, you will explore the 7 authentic replicas of ethnic houses. Chinese Farm House, Malay Stilted House, Melanau Tall House, Penan Hut as well as Longhouse of the Iban, Bidayuh and Orang Ulu. Displayed in each house are the many artifacts made by the individual dwellers. Demonstration of arts and crafts like beadwork, wood and bamboo carvings, "Pua" weaving and straw weaving can be seen while touring the Village.

You will also be entertained with 45 minutes of the traditional dances of the various ethnic tribes of Sarawak at the Village theatre.

Annah Rais Bidayuh Longhouse
Duration: 5 hours

Bidayuh, the second largest ethnic group in Sarawak, is formerly known as the ‘Land Dayak’ and was once also known as the ‘Engineer of Bamboo’. When making a visit to the Bidayuh longhouse, you will be able to see the splendid architecture of their longhouse which was build mostly by bamboo. Annah Rais is one of the most famous Bidayuh longhouse in Sarawak which located about 100 km east from Kuching city and quite closes to the Indonesian border. The excursion will take about one and a half hour on the road.

During your visit, you will also be able to view the villagers with their own daily routine like rice pounding and winnowing, basket and mat weaving, bamboo carving, etc. You will be brought into the most unique and important structure, the ‘Baruk’ or the head house which situated in the middle of the longhouse. This once was used as a fort to protect the whole village from being attack by enemy. Inside the ‘Baruk’, you will be able to view the real human skulls hanging around the fire place in the middle and the also their sacred war drum.

Kubah National Park
Duration: full day / over night

It is an easy & enjoyable day trip from Kuching and is situated on a small sandstone plateau with crystal clear streams and small waterfalls. Here you can see the widest selections of palms & orchid in Borneo. And different kinds of wildlife like bearded pig, mouse deer, black hornbill & many species of amphibians & reptiles.

Matang Wildlife Centre
Duration: full day / over night

This is a large area of rainforest with animals in spacious cages in varying stages of rehabilitation. Over here, one can gain information and learn about on Sarawak's Wildlife the highlight of the trip is focused on the Orang Utan's training programme where some young Orang Utans, having being rescued from captivity are now being taught or retrained in the ways of the wild.

Gunung Gading National Park
Duration: full day / over night

This is a national park where you can sometimes view the largest flower in the world - the Rafflesia. It grows up to 3 feet wide. When in bloom, the flower emits a foul smell, which attracts flies and other insects. It also offers scenic walks and challenging jungle treks. Chalets and hostels are available at the Park.

Bako National Park
Duration: full day / over night

Pick-up at the hotel and proceed to Bako National Part. The trip will take approximately one and a half hours by land and boat. Upon arrival you will visit the spectacular ‘Sea Stack‘.

Bako was established as a national park in 1957. Since then it has offered it’s visitors the perfect introduction to Sarawak’s native vegetation and wildlife. It is situated on the northern tip of the Muara Tebas Peninsula and covers 27sq kms.

Although seemingly small compared to other national parks, Bako is rich in a vast variety of vegetation and wildlife as it extends out to coastal beaches and coves.
Upon arrival a guide take you along well-planned trails where you will see an abundance of flora and fauna amongst the shady forest canopy.

You will see winding creepers and vines, long tailed macaques and silver leaf monkeys. Wild boars, squirrels and monitor lizards are common sights in the park and you may even get a chance to peak on the shy proboscis monkeys during low tide with the help of your guide.

Return to Kuching and drop-off at hotel.

Sarawak River Cruise
Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes

A cruise along the Sarawak River is a relaxing way to enjoy the various phases of the city and retrace the trip James Brooke made when he first arrived in Sarawak. You will sail past the Waterfront, Brooke Dockyard, the 100 year old Malay Kampung, Fort Magherita, Astana, Square Tower and the Industrial Estate.

As you sail toward the sea colourful fishing boats will appear in abound and nearby Bako after the Chinese and Malay villages are the houses and mansions of Kuching’s affluent society. The constant changing of this living scenery gives you the best picture of the history and lifestyles in Kuching.

Fairy Cave Explore
Duration: 5 hours

Fairy Cave and Wind Cave are about 50 min drives from Kuching City. The Fairy Cave is about 3-storey high. After a quick climb through the cave with torchlight, the cave opens up into a main chamber. Sunlight streams into the chamber, enabling you to view the limestone formation of several types. View the beautiful and some eerie shape of nature creations, the stalactites and stalagmites.

There is a formation that has been likened to the Goddess of Mercy which at about 3 metres in height resembles a woman dressed in classical Chinese robes, complete with hat, look down benignly upon worshippers. Another formation looks like an old man crouching down.

Then proceed to the Wind Cave which only about 10 min drive away. Walking along the platform, you will find that this dark-tunnel like cave is filled with bats and swiftest. Look around the wall of the cave with torchlight and you might be lucky to spot the bird nest with some eggs in it.

Lemanak River - Iban Longhouse Safari
Duration: full day / overnight
Day 1

Pick up at hotel and depart on a 4hr drive that takes you through the scenic lush mountain valleys along the Pan Borneo Highway to the Iban Longhouse on the Lemanak River.

Arrive at the river jetty and take a spectacular hour long-boat ride upriver though weaving through mist and over-hanging jungle foliage.

Upon arrival at the longhouse, the Iban natives will greet and welcome you with the local traditional rice wine "TUAK". Explore the longhouse and gain an insight into the unique culture of the Iban communities. This long house is home to some 23 families - all living under one roof. Feel free to chat with the Iban old folks (through the assistance of the tour guide) to understand more of their cultural and the history of Headhunting, viewing some of the trophy skulls of past head-hunters hanging from the rafters and antique Chinese jars.

Check in at Iban guesthouse. Free to take your bath at the river or at the guesthouse, while the guide prepare for dinner. Late evening you will be served dinner and be entertained with a cultural performance.

Day 2

Breakfast at the guesthouse and then return to Kuching and drop-off at the hotel.

Batang Ai Longhouse Resort
Duration: 2 days / more
Day 1

Pick-up at the hotel and depart for a 4 hours drive along the Pan-Borneo Highway to the Iban Longhouse on the Lemanak River amidst the scenery green mountain valleys. En route, visit some typical pepper and cocoa gardens. A brief stop will be made at Serian. Continue journey with lunch enroute.

Arrive at the Lemanak jetty and take an hour boat ride upriver admits overhanging foliage, which provide natural shed for the journey. Upon arrival at the longhouse, you will greet with the traditional dance by the Longhouse occupants with generous flow of tuak.

Explore and visit the longhouse where you will see among many things such as human skull hanging from the rafters, antique Chinese jars dated back hundreds of years and some twenty-five families living together under one roof.

Depart from Lemanak Jetty and continue journey to Batang Ai. Arrive at a man-made jetty and take a 15 minutes boat ride across to check-in at the Hilton International Batang Ai Longhouse Resort. Lunch & Dinner included.

Day 2

Breakfast at the Resort. Free at leisure until check out & Return to Kuching.

Semenggoh Orang Utan and Batang Ai Longhouse
Duration: 3 days / more
Day 1

Breakfast at Hotel. 0800hrs Check out & proceed to visit SEMENGGOH ORANG UTAN REHABILITATION & RAINFOREST CENTRE. Semenggoh Orang Utan Sanctuary, traveling overland (30 min) followed by a brief hike through dipterocarp forest. Unlike in a Zoo, the Semenggoh Orang Utan Sanctuary is set free in a 740 hectares forest reserve.

Here, young Orang Utans, who were either orphaned or rescued from captivity, are trained to survive in the wild. The Sanctuary is not set up as a tourist attraction but visitors are most welcome. Other protected species brought and kept for educational purposes include hornbills, gibbons and honey bears.

Upon arrival at the Sanctuary, you will be able to catch a glimpse of the Orang Utans during their feeding time. Spot their delicate nests, watch their skilful movements at the tree tops and also their interesting behavior during feeding time. The guide will also narrate to you the behavior, emotion and characteristics of this special primate called Orang Utan, meaning ‘Man of the Forest’.

Continue journey to Batang Ai. Depart for 3 hours drive along the Pan-Borneo Highway to the Batang Ai Jetty, admits the serene green mountain valleys. En route, visit some typical pepper and cocoa gardens. A brief stop will be made at Serian Continue journey with lunch enroute at Lachau town. Arrive at a man-made jetty and take a 15 minutes boat ride across to check-in at the Hilton International Batang Ai Longhouse Resort. 1600 hrs, assemble at the Hotel Lobby. Proceed for Guided nature walk, experience the canopy walk in the jungle. Dinner will be served in house.

Day 2

Breakfast at Resort. 0900 hrs, proceed to visit MENYANG SEDI IBAN LONGHOUSE take an hour boat ride upriver admits is overhanging foliage, which provide natural shed for the journey.

Explore the long house where you will see among many things such as human skulls hanging from the rafters, antique Chinese jars that backdated hundreds of years ago and some twenty-five families together under one roof. The performance of “Warrior Dance" from the longhouse occupants with flow of tuak (home brew rice wine) & witness blowpipe and cock-fighting demonstration.

Native style lunch at the waterfall. After lunch transfer back to Hilton Batang Ai Longhouse Resort. Dinner in house.

Day 3

After breakfast, 1000 hrs, check out and transfer back to Kuching.


There are many more tours that organize by us, please send request to us directly via email.


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