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 Quick Guide About Malaysia


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Food & Drink

In multi-racial Malaysia, every type of cooking from South-East Asia can be tasted. Malay food concentrates on subtleties of taste using a blend of spices, ginger, coconut milk and peanuts. Sambals (a paste of ground chilli, onion and tamarind) is often used as a side dish. Balachan (a dried shrimp paste) is used in many dishes and ikan bilis (dried anchovies) are eaten with drinks.


Popular Malay dishes include Satay (Roasted meat stick), which consists of a variety of meats, especially chicken, barbecued on small skewers with a spicy peanut dipping sauce and a salad of cucumber, onion and compressed rice cakes.


The best sauce often takes several hours to prepare to attain its subtle flavour. Gula Malacca (a firm sago pudding in palm sugar sauce) is also served in restaurants. There are many regional types of Chinese cooking including Cantonese, Peking, Hakka, Sichuan and Taiwanese.


Indian food is also popular, with curries ranging from mild to very hot indeed. Vegetarian food, chutneys and Indian breads are also available. Indonesian cuisine also combines the use of dried seafoods and spiced vegetables with the Japanese method of preparation with fresh ingredients cooked to retain the natural flavour. Japanese-style seafood such as siakaiu beef (grilled at the table), tempura (deep-fried seafood) and sashimi (raw fish with salad) are excellent.


Vegetarian restaurant can be easily found in city area, some vegetarian restaurant even offer food for Vegan. If you are concern about healthy food, some restaurant even provides Organic dishes.


Amongst Malaysia's exotic fruits are starfruit, durian, guavas, mangos, mangosteen and pomelos. Western food is served throughout the country and includes American, Spanish, Italian and French cuisine.


Kuala Lumpur has several restaurants which rival the high standards set by established Western restaurants in Singapore and Hong Kong. Table service is normal, and in Chinese restaurants chopsticks are customary. Indian and Malay food is eaten with the fingers. Set lunches, usually with four courses are excellent value for money. Korean and Thai food are available in restaurants.


Alcoholics Drink

Although the country is largely Islamic, alcohol is available. Tiger and Anchor beer are recommended and international beers are also available.


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